St Louis Subaru Lease Return Headquarters

We'll Pay You $500 When You Turn In Your Lease

Turn in your Subaru lease at Sunset Hills, no matter where you purchased your vehicle! If you are reaching the end of the lease for your Subaru vehicle, Sunset Hills Subaru will pay you $500 if you return your leased vehicle to our dealership with no purchase necessary to qualify.

There are several steps and things to know before returning your leased Subaru, from scheduling your vehicle inspection, to everything you need to bring to your vehicle return appointment.

Start the Lease Return Process

Lease Turn-In Information

Returning Your Leased Subaru

1. Prior to your lease-end date:
    Contact Sunset Hills Subaru to make arrangements for the return. If you have moved or need additional information, give our office a call at (314) 476-9638.

2. On your turn-in day:
     Make sure your vehicle is ready to turn in.
        • Remove all personal items.
        • Place the owner's manual in the glove box.
        • Turn in both sets of keys to your vehicle.
        • Remove the license plates and return them to your state's motor vehicle department unless you live in a state listed.

3. Within 1 business day after returning your vehicle:
    Be sure that you inform your lease-holder to inform them that you have returned your vehicle.

4. If you have set up automatic lease payments: Please remember to cancel any recurring payments you may have for your Subaru lease.

Lease End Vehicle Inspection

As you near the end of your lease term, Subaru Motors Finance will invite you to participate in a complimentary vehicle inspection provided by an independent inspection company. You will revive several communications from Subaru with information on how to schedule this inspection and what to expect. Make sure your contact information and mailing address is correct with Subaru Motors Finance so you don't miss any of these communications. Address changes can be made online at or by calling Customer Service at (314) 476-9638.

How the Inspection Works
The inspection is free of charge and provides a rough evaluation of wear and use to assess potential lease-end charges. When the inspection is complete you will receive a condition report from the inspector. This report details wear and use items that you may be billed for upon returning your lease, please note that this report is not a bill and will not show amounts.

Excess Wear and Use Statement

2 - 3 weeks after your inspection you should receive an Excess Wear and Use Statement. This statement will provide you with repair estimates for items found in the inspection. This statement is not a bill, but it will provide amounts that will be factored into your final end-of-lease bill if not repaired. Your Wear and Use Statement does not include the $1,000 wear and use waiver that is part of your Subaru lease (see lease contract for exclusions). Your $1,000 wear and use waiver will be factored in, if applicable, to your final bill. However, with this information you can decide if it's in your best interest to repair any of the items before returning the vehicle or to return the vehicle as-is.

If you choose to make repairs to your vehicle, contact Subaru Motors Finance before returning the vehicle. Subaru Motors Finance will verify the repairs and apply any appropriate credits to your final end-of-lease bill. You can schedule any necessary repairs with our friendly, Subaru Certified Service Department.

Odometer Statement

When you return your leased vehicle, you will be required to complete and sign an odometer statement.

Early Termination

An early termination occurs if you return your lease 31 or more days before your scheduled maturity end date. If you choose to return your vehicle early, you may incur early termination charges.

Note: if you end your lease as part of a trade-in, the dealership will buy out your lease and this is not considered an early termination.

Extending Your Lease

Once you're in the final 30 days of your lease, you may request to extend your lease a maximum of five months. Federal regulations prevent a lease account from going beyond the defined extension period. If you exceed the lease extension limit, your vehicle may be repossessed, you may incur additional end-of-lease fees and your credit may be negatively impacted. Our acceptance of lease payments after the lease maturity scheduled end date does not give you the right to keep the vehicle and it does not mean that we agree to extend the lease term. If you have an approved extension on your lease you still have the same lease end options, as detailed above, at the end of your extension period.